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Subject: Re: Ceramic caps
Date: Nov 01, 10:07 am
Poster: Jim Lux

On Nov 01, 10:07 am, Jim Lux wrote:

> It's not online :(. I emailed Steve; hopefully he can get me what I need.

Lindsay pubs sells that one article as as a standalone book. Probably cheaper to buy the back issue from Steve.

> So I've gathered... It seems to me that since the discharge circuit for an impulse tranny is an RLC circuit, that ringing would be a worse problem. However, the voltage drops far enough and fast enough that the sparkgap should cut out before and serious

You design it for core saturation, so it doesn't ring. Hansen's article or, preferably, Fruengel's books, talk about this in some detail.

> One major remaining question: how big are the effects of the electrical characteristics of the sparkgap in a circuit such as this?

The sparkgap is a switch in this sort of circuit. You could probably model it as a fixed voltage drop of a hundred volts or so. Mostly, though, empiricism rules the day, build it, try it, measure it, change it. Analysis paralysis is a real danger.