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Subject: Re: Double-pulsing a fusor
Date: Nov 01, 7:20 pm
Poster: Hector

On Nov 01, 7:20 pm, Hector wrote:

>>Might be usefull to double-pulse a fusor. The first pulse, low voltage/high current, is designed to pre-ionize and blast gas or evacuate the fusor core area.
>>The second pulse, high voltage/current, gets the multiple well & resonant modes excited.
>>The advantage would be better ballistic or cold plasma, rather than thermal-hot plasma. Comments?

This has been done before at a professional level, but with some differences in the technique. It will work, but it does have its limitations. It's actually a very good idea.

As for multiple wells, I would guess that if they form, they will probably be shallow and will probably dissipate or fade away into the mix in a blink of an eye; that's just my guess.