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Subject: Re: Circulation
Date: Nov 01, 10:57 pm
Poster: pat

On Nov 01, 10:57 pm, pat wrote:

>Has anyone ever thought of reducing the background gas pressure to increase circulation and therefore reaction rates while the a fusor is in operations?

Hirsch did it.

>I know this has been brought up once before, but why can't someone make a simple ion gun to pre-ionize the fuel and inject it with minimum neutrals?

Hirsch did it with the Farnsworth Fusor
he was running experimental test studies on.
He used six diametrically opposed ion guns,
each with a maximum current of 10 mA.

>I mean it's not like you are trying to drive the reactions with it, just decrease neutrals and inject the fuel in a precondition state.
>Hell, if we are making fusors I think a simple pre-ionizer should be no more difficult.

Yep, it has been done before.
>Actually, I was thinking, if you make the smallest possible grid that can still do the job and will last just long enough, you could reduce strikes against the grid and increase circulation further and if for just a few minutes, you might just get to higher reaction rates.

What exactly do you mean by the
"smallest possible grid"?

I'm not sure I understand your idea how
a smaller grid is going to increase
recirculation. Please explain.

>Just some ideas.
Good ideas. Great minds think alike.