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Subject: Ion cleansing
Date: Apr 20, 5:20 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Apr 20, 5:20 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Bob noted that he would like to hear more about the ion cleaning I do with my chamber.

The classic Ion pump effectively buries garbage in the chamber by sputtering material onto the walls. You will see this if you make a fusor, regardless, but it is hastend if you use some large, powerful, neodymium magnets. Note! This has only worked well on a small 6" diameter bell jar!!! (you need a certain minimum flux across the chamber)

I hold two of the magnets on opposite sides of the chamber, fields aiding. ( north to south)

This concentrates the ion and electron flux into an intense, hot plasma which touches the walls. To avoid heating the walls too quickly at one spot,I move them around the chamber making sure to hold them 180 degrees appart.

DANGER!!! If they come together, the chamber could shatter, the magnets could shatter and you could have glass or metal fragments in your eyes or belly.

This action can reduce the pressure and garbage atoms in the chamber to such a low level that the thing will hit extinction! (no poissor), Just wait though and fresh pump oil vapor, vacuum grease, or other outgassing trash will boil back out slowly over time and The poissor will pop back on. This is the prime time for the poissor to yield star mode rays! I have counted up to 14 rays! It ain't really a good ion pump, but it is a cheapo way to get the demo model kickin' for those with only a mechanical pump. NOTE this magnetic action, if done for an extended period, usually brings the central grid up to near incandesence so be careful of silver soldered assemblies. I usually go to a nice red glow.

Over time, the glass chamber will acquire a nasty but transparent and even, brown-bluish film of depositied garbage. This can be removed at take down with hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid - hardware stores). Use a soft cotton ball or such to swab off the gunk. Toss them in a tub of bicarb water to neutralize before disgarding them.

Make sure and rinse the chamber well afterwards with baking soda solution, followed by distilled water and then alcohol.

Richard Hull