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Subject: Re: Circulation and grid transparency
Date: Nov 02, 05:29 am
Poster: Nathan K.

On Nov 02, 05:29 am, Nathan K. wrote:

The single largest problem with circulation in the fusor is that even at 90% transparency the grid is still to collisional to allow more than maybe 4 or 5 passes of the ion currents without loosing like 10% of the current ions to grid collisions.

You need something like 98% or above grid transparency to increase the circulation significantly. Ok, so I figured scarifies grid life for a highly transparent grid that will be of as low of a cross section as possible.

If you can increase the transparency to 98% you should see higher reaction rates.
Actually since the non-Maxwellian plasma of a fusor does not travel the straightest particle course either the lower cross section of the grid might do the job.

Every pro has a con and in this case one of the cons is that the lower cross section will be more prone to arcing.
I also thought that the grid might be made out of a thin steel wire but for better conductivity you would have to plate it with something very conductive like silver.

While a smaller cross section will increase transparency the physics of the fusor and the lack of a proper grid material will probably prevent any significant reductions of the grid cross section beyond the existing cross sections.