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Subject: more speculation on double-pulsing
Date: Nov 3, 2:50 am
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Nov 3, 2:50 am, Pierce Nichols wrote:

I just had a brain storm re: the double-pulsed fusor ideas that have been floated here.

Imagine a fusor with the ionization grid near the wall, after Hirsch & Meeks et al.

Now, imagine the first pulse being applied to the ionization grid, at a voltage substantially more negative than the keep-alive voltage on the inner grid. This will collect all the fuel ions in the region of the outer grid. Then, as this pulse drops off, you pulse the inner grid, accelerating this ion popualtion into the central region etc. This is superior to pulsing the inner grid in the ionization pulse b/c it results in the population of formed ions being at the edge of fusor. Thoughts?