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Subject: Re: Boscoli Fusion Device Patent
Date: Nov 12, 10:19 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 12, 10:19 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Has anyone else out there been following the advances in LENR research. If so I would particularly like to hear opinions on the recent patent by Italian scientist Renzo Boscoli, discussed in the Fall issue of Infinite Energy Magazine.

Boscoli is a total FRAUD!!!

I am plugged into infinite energy via several close friends on staff and another firm that works with them. It seems Gene Mallove just returned from a visit to Boscoli and a retraction of the glowing reports of the last issue of IE are in order.

Another new energy scam done by someone who doesn't have on their gravity boots, financed by sincere, but rather gullable individuals. Gene was flabbergasted at what he saw or more by what he did not see. More smoke and mirrors, failure to disclose and zero demonstrations.

There will be a report on this in the next issue, I am positive. I like IE, ( I subscribe) but they need a bit more "fire discipline" as my old DI used to say.

In the meantime, forget Boscoli ever existed and you are way ahead in your quest for new energy!!!