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Subject: Re: Double-pulsing a fusor
Date: Nov 16, 8:18 pm
Poster: Tom Ligon

On Nov 16, 8:18 pm, Tom Ligon wrote:

>Might be usefull to double-pulse a fusor. The first pulse, low voltage/high current, is designed to pre-ionize and blast gas or evacuate the fusor core area.
>The second pulse, high voltage/current, gets the multiple well & resonant modes excited.
>The advantage would be better ballistic or cold plasma, rather than thermal-hot plasma. Comments?


I am working on an distant cousin of the Fusor, and it occurs to me that intermittent operation of devices of this sort has a nice effect at startup.
The inside of the chamber, grids, etc, will have a monolayer of crud on it, and at startup this will blow off. Once ionized it will tend to be trapped if the machine achieves good recirculation, and will dilute your fuel. Pulsing a few times at startup will give this crud a chance to find the vacuum pump port.

Our machine will, we hope, achieve very long ion lifetimes, which would also mean very long crud-ion lifetimes, so I intend to do something along these lines. A Fusor, with an ion lifetime of only 100 or so passes, would enjoy less benefit.

Tom Ligon