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Subject: Re: Your fusion dollars
Date: Nov 17, 11:21 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Nov 17, 11:21 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

>Most you know that the Head of the laser >ignition project at LLNL had to resign in >disgrace following the disclosure that he did >not have the doctorate degree he claimed! DOE >just discovered this after 6 years of his being >on the job...

> There is only enough to keep the eggheads on >th' job where $100K plus salaries are the norm.

I threw away the SPAM I recieved a few weeks back for mail order degrees. Can anyone help? Know a good mail order degree mill? How about printing software? Tutorials on acting and polygraph beating?

On second thought, the poor ******* at LLNL probably must endure proctoscopic security exams and guards laughing amongst one another about the scientist's sex habits. Didn't congress just spend near a billion just to spy on our scientists at LLNL?

I can understand why. When you live in a sick system run by corrupt hyporcrits that place politics over national security, and having a profitable arms race over research, scientists that have minds trained to see underlying patterns might get ideas. They might think that oaths and loyalty and laws are for suckers, and sell secrets to our enemys, that would never attack us anyways. Having a boogy man is good for the arms biz & America, right? As long as we have somebody worse than we are, we are OK, right? Its so much easier to roll stuff downhill, than climb uphill, to be king of the hill. May the best man win.