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Subject: Re: Your fusion dollars
Date: Nov 17, 3:05 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Nov 17, 3:05 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

Don't get me wrong - I'm not really overjoyed with the concept of making it easier and more concealable to test nuclear weapons. There are already too many players. Nor am I happy with Livermore's efforts in laser isotope separation (read U235), even though their 5kW copper vapor laser setup is interesting divorced from that context. To have that money extracted from my pockets by touting these efforts as "energy research" makes it still more galling, especially considering the overruns and boondoggles that are now coming to light. It was a front page story here in Silicon Valley, just like the nuclear driven X-ray laser fiasco (thank you, Mr. Teller...) a few years ago.

Richard Hester

>I fully understand Richard and Jim's comments about the "weapons" value of the laser fusion spinoff stuff. I just hate paying for bureaucratic mishandling and misdirecting of money. I suppose it is easier to fund a weapons program under the guise of National Ignition facility than "star wars".
>Richard Hull