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Subject: Re: An interesting benefit to pulsed fusors
Date: Nov 19, 7:37 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Nov 19, 7:37 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

>If we ever get one of these puppies built, a p-B11 reactor ought to run steady state, not pulsed. We COULD pulse it, but the whole goal of a MaGrid (tm) or PolyWell(tm) design is to store huge numbers of high kinetic energy electrons to make a potential well. I have inadvertently dumped the energy stored thus in little dinky lab models, and intend to avoid it. Right destructive.

What about Miley's results indicating that a pulsed fusor displays a square relation between applied power and the number of fusions as opposed to a linear relation for steady-state power? I agree that steady state is somewhat preferable for all kind of reasons, but if pulsed works better, then pulse is the direction to go in. Pulse is also easier for the amateur experimenter, I think. You don't need to buy as big a power feed.

>Picture this, a spherical reactor about 6 meters in diameter, producing close to 10 Gigawatts ...