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Subject: Re: p-B11
Date: Nov 23, 5:59 am
Poster: Nathan K.

On Nov 23, 5:59 am, Nathan K. wrote:

The p-B11 is attractive because of zero radiation and because of the potential for direct energy conversion, correct?

Well, D-He3 can come close to zero neutron emissions and pure He3 would have effectively zero emissions. D-T while having a great cross section is impractical because of the safety issues surrounding Tritium. D-D is very useful and any net output machine should be able to burn D-D if it can burn D-T.

So, since today's IEC's can burn both D-He3 and He3-He3 it should be possible to use these advanced fuel also in a break even IEC with minimum research and development effort above and beyond what it would take to make then break even.

Now, as for direct energy conversion, this is actually not just a property of p-B11 all fusion reactions in an IEC (i.e., D-D, D-He3, He3-He3) have that potential, but our current IEC technology falls very short of being able to tap the power in this way.
So, direct energy conversion of the IEC fusion process is a technological problem not a reactant problem.