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Subject: Re: p-B11
Date: Nov 23, 9:23 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Nov 23, 9:23 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>A nice energy yield, all
>charged particles which lend themselves wells
>for a direct energy conversion system, and no neutrons.

p-B11 makes no gamma?

>Once you go above 100 kV
>of operating voltage, electrons begin to
>depart from classical behavior; in other
>words, they behave relativistically, and this
>may affect the behavior of the IEC device in
>a way that we do not fully comprehend at this

I keep raving about plasma crystals and vircators and gyratrons but nobody tells me to be for real or go to school. My understanding is relativistic means mass increase, which creates a nonlinear beam charge gradient, which creates instabilities (especialy in resonant cavities) and drive typicaly microwave oscillations.

Your in for some anomalous transport woes. Unless you try a new paradigm maybe? How about calling it electrodynamic confinement fusion. Take advantage of the instability and things like the 'wakefield' effect.

I've heard plasma fusion is like squeezing jelly in your fist. If you can confine oscillating plasma with waves in a bubble, you can use RF waves to pull and implode it like tighting a knot; pulling on phase 'strings' rather than pushing, compressing, whistling gas.

Talk of phased pulsing is great but has the same problems as laser fusion. You've got one bang to burn all the fuel otherwise the energy pulse thermalizes, and disperses.