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Subject: Re: p-B11
Date: Nov 23, 10:35 pm
Poster: Hector

On Nov 23, 10:35 pm, Hector wrote:

>I have always objected to the term Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC). The fuel ions are not confined in the traditional fusion sense, rather they stream in and out of a region of sufficient density while moving at sufficient velocity to produce fusion, but any given ion spends little time there. "Momentum" would be more appropriate than "Inertial". Only the "electrostatic" term is good.
>I would prefer Electrostatic Acceleration/Recirculation Fusion or something of that nature. Maybe we could come up with a term that spells something catchy.
I agree with Tom on this one. I view the term IEC and Fusor as the same thing, just a catchy acronym. The name IEC falls very short of the mark, but it is catchy.

Oh, a note on the plasma confinement analogies, Tom said like trying to hold jelly in a slinky, I've hear an analogy about magnetic confinement being, "Like trying to hold jelly by placing rubber bands around it as fast as possible."