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Subject: surfing longitudinal electric waves
Date: May 23, 10:56 pm
Poster: john wynhausen

On May 23, 10:56 pm, john wynhausen wrote:

I wiped out onto this sight a few days ago and it
seems like old times in my mind. As a dabbler and
dilletante, I appreciate the real hard work you
guys are doing. I wish I shared your engineering
skills. It tough dangerous and challenging to tinker plus it can get very expensive if you aren't funded. But it sure is fun. I wish I could
understand just what the function of Farnsworth's multipactor was or for that matter his Fusor.
I saw a video tape of Eric Dollard doing some experiments with a multipactor and some Tesla technology and it looked real interesting. Before that, I hadn't heard of Farnsworth and his genius.
Now I am puzzling over this Miley business. I hope what I read about him is true. Wouldn't it be great if guy like him could help this information make it into the mainstream and get developed for the benefit of everyone.

Frankly, I was both pleased and amazed to see Richard Hull's picture in National Geographic.

By the way Richard, your Tesla Coil tapes which I also saw years ago were the most practical introduction to Tesla Coil work I have seen.

I pretty much gave up coiling activity because my body felt kind wired and fried by hanging around all those undoubtedly dirty forces I was producing. I just didn't feel I had the knack.

Its great to be able to eavedrop on this project
and expand awareness of this subject a little more.

Horray for the internet!

Finally a brief question for Richard Hull
who I know has a vast amount of experience with
Tesla Coils. Have you ever observed any clearly
anomolous effects working with TC's. I ask this because I had one. My coil started to melt down.
I pulled the plug...but it kept on chugging for a while even after I pulled the plug. How was that
possible?!!? Beats me. But it does make a person wonder.