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Subject: Re: p-B11
Date: Nov 26, 5:22 pm
Poster: Tom Ligon

On Nov 26, 5:22 pm, Tom Ligon wrote:


I was messing around with acronyms and came up with Fusion by Electrostatic Acceleration/Recirculation, but I would rather the technology not be known as FEAR.

>I have stayed out of the P-B11 and pulsed discussions as I haven't yet actually had a hands on with my systems in these areas. The theoretical machinations are interesting to hear about and the musings can glibly discuss 100-300kv voltages as if they were a snap. I doubt anyone will privately try these ideas and achieve those voltages on this list. Still, it is interesting.
Shucks, if any "amateur" is qualified to attempt this, it would be YOU! Yeah, Dr. Bussard's approach is a bit too heavy industrial than a simple Hirsch/Farnsworth machine. But compared to an aircraft-carrier-sized tokamak it is a fairly minor project.

I'm not so sure p-B11 is all that unreasonable as an amateur project as long as the reaction rates you are after are modest, far below breakeven. The high voltage source is certainly sporty, and it would have to run at low pressure with electron or ion emitters to start the process. High energy alpha detection inside the chamber would be required. And I would observe by video with the machine buried in a hole in the back yard and well shielded against x-rays.

Tom Ligon