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Subject: Re: surfing longitudinal electric waves
Date: May 26, 08:09 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On May 26, 08:09 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Finally a brief question for Richard Hull
>who I know has a vast amount of experience with
>Tesla Coils. Have you ever observed any clearly
>anomolous effects working with TC's. I ask this because I had one. My coil started to melt down.
>I pulled the plug...but it kept on chugging for a while even after I pulled the plug. How was that
>possible?!!? Beats me. But it does make a person wonder.

I have built about 100 or more different coil systems in the last 12 years from 10 watts to 13,000 watts of input power. I am afraid I have never noted one single instance of anything unusual involved with their operation. They do produce a prodigious DC electrostatic force which one would not normally expect from a high frequency AC device.

I could not imagine what might have caused your coil to act as it did.

Thanks for the kind words regarding the video tapes.

Richard Hull