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Subject: Re: Breakdown voltages in Spherical Fusors
Date: Nov 30, 1:03 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Nov 30, 1:03 am, Richard Hull wrote:

I have mentioned this reference many times. It is sort of my number one ref on gaseous discharges. It is old, but Von Engel told it like it was and it was confusing. My favorites are the little technical gotchas and catch 22's that the casual experimenter might take for granted using only the equations. Von Engel constantly follows along noting the equations are for just such and such conditions and breakdown with the slightest deviation. These warnings suffix a lot of his equations and explanations. One just knows that this man was where he was by observational and experimental experience. He OWNED the knowledge.

Some considered his book confusing, but the American Vacuum Society has singled it out it as a "classic" in their series of books still in print as significant works.

Read it very slowly and pay attention. get ready with your yellow highlighter. Unfortunately, his work was so well done that I have re-read the thing in bulk pieces many times as my own understanding rose by the doing and now the darned thing is 90% highlighted text!! I have no other such work in my technical library.

Richard Hull

You may want to consult
>some references by Von Engel, who was an
>early pioneer in gaseous electronics.
>Here's a good reference:
>Ionized Gases, by A. von Engel, Oxford at
>the Clarendon Press, 1955. See Chapter 7,
>Ionization in an Electric Field.