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Subject: Re: p-B11 Fusion
Date: Dec 03, 9:39 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Dec 03, 9:39 am, Richard Hull wrote:


This is a nice site. I had been there before, but lost the URL over the last two years. I suggest a lot of the folks actually print out (if possible) figures 26-28 and stuff them in their IEF files or notebooks.

I know the Univ. of Wis. has been involved in IEF to a limited degree over the past decade or so, but never actually contacted anyone there. Gene Meeks of the old Farnsworth team told me that both Miley of UofI and some folks from UofW had either met with or contacted him over the last several years.

I will note that the P-B11 chart can't compare with ease of use to the D-T reaction and requires a lot more snort in power supply voltage than any of the others. Its reaction rate at a quarter million volts falls way short of D-T at only 50kv. It only saving grace that I can see is Direct Conversion possibilities.

With a few hundred megabucks of the money, this could probably provide a very interesting and perhaps (just perhaps) fruitful oportunity for yet more eggheads. Amateurs not allowed - no money to really do it right.

Richard Hull

>Check out http://elvis.neep.wisc.edu/~neep602/lecture26.html Figure 28 gives a comparison of reaction rates vs well depth for the popular fusion contenders. The cross-section for p-B11 is particularly interesting, crossing the D-D curve at 50-60 Kev.
>Food for thought...
> Richard Hester