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Subject: Plasma Generators
Date: Dec 06, 8:04 pm
Poster: Pierce Nichols

On Dec 06, 8:04 pm, Pierce Nichols wrote:

I've been thinking about high-vacuum fusors, specifically the problem of generating fuel plasma. Could anyone suggest good references on this subject?
I have two idea for how to do it -- one is coupling in the output from a magnetron scrounged from a microwave oven directly into the chamber. The frequency is perfect, too. Big problem is that it results in fuel ions too evenly distributed around the chamber, so they don't get accelerated through the full potential.
Second, arrange two grids concentric to the outer shell near the outer shell. Ground the shell and the inner grid of these two. Drive the grid between that grid and the shell with RF at an appropriate frequency. This should produce plasma in a tightly defined shell near the outer rim of the fusor, which will then drop through the entire voltage of the fusor.