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Subject: Re: Good papers on IEC?
Date: Dec 09, 12:53 pm
Poster: pat

On Dec 09, 12:53 pm, pat wrote:

>Hi all,
>What papers/literature would you recommend to get started on IEC fusor theory and construction?
There are many, of course.

Here's some of the early ones that you should
look at first:

1. Physics of Fluids, Vol. 2, Number 3, May-June 1959, Elmore, Tuck and Watson, pp. 239-246.

2. Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 39, Number 9, August 1968, R.W. Hockney, pp. 4166-4170.

3. Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 38, Number 11, October 1967, R.L. Hirsch, pp. 4522-4534.

4. Physics of Fluids, Vol. 11, Number 11, Nov. 1968, R.L. Hirsch, pp. 2486-2490.

If possible, I highly recommend that you contact the U.S. patents office and request copies of some of the Farnsworth and Hirsch patents concerning the Fusor device.

>Should be available via university library, if possible...
> Jochen