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Subject: Re: N.K. Fusor 1
Date: Dec 11, 9:17 pm
Poster: Tom Ligon

On Dec 11, 9:17 pm, Tom Ligon wrote:


>is it necessary to do a full welding job on the flanges or will a brazing weld suffice?

>Obviously a brazing weld would be significantly easier and I have experience in this kind of welding.

If you are picky about your "brazing" compound that method is OK. You don't want one which contains cadmium (toxic, and rarely sold these days) or zinc (common ingredient to make the compound flow easily). There are zinc-free silver solders sold for vacuum purposes. Insulator Seal sells a kit with a paltry 3-feet of braze wire that works well, but at $35 or so you are better off digging thru a catalog at the weld shop for a suitable formualtion.

Tom Ligon