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Subject: Thermocouple Meters/Data Mining
Date: Dec 13, 2:22 am
Poster: Richard Hester

On Dec 13, 2:22 am, Richard Hester wrote:

In a couple of posts, Richard Hull sings the praises of the DV-6M or the KJL-1518 thermocouple gauge tubes vs the Varian 531, due to the increased resolution at the lower end of the scale. I own a couple of Varian 801-type gauges, which use the 531 tube. Below 10 mircons, they resolve to 1 micron, although the scale is a bit pushed together. How much better is the low end resolution of the gauges using the DV-6M(is the meter scale more spread out)? Don't bother getting the Veeco TG-270. The low end resolution is really lousy. All it can tell you is that it's about time to turn on that diffusion pump.... Too bad, as otherwise it's a fairly solid piece of gear.
On another note, folks new to the list can learn a lot by going through the previous postings here. I went digging last night for the thermocouple tubes mentioned above, as well as Richard Hull's post on using an AC 44XLS spark plug for a high voltage vacuum feed through.
Another wonderful reference (thanks, Mr. Hull) is the Kurt J. Lesker catalog (the founder passed away recently, R.I.P.). I'm putting together a baratron vacuum gauging system, and the Lesker catalog had information on my baratron components unavailable at the manufacturer's site. A tip of the hat... A lot of the information available in the catalog is also present on their web site. Other good catalogs to have around are the ones from Duniway, Varian, MDC, and Nor-Cal. All have useful infomation, though not as many fundamental nuggets as the Lesker catalog. The Matheson web site(mathesongas.com)is a good reference for gas handling and regulators.