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Subject: Good book for scientific homework
Date: Dec 20, 2:48 pm
Poster: Andreas Schuetz

On Dec 20, 2:48 pm, Andreas Schuetz wrote:

Hi folks,

for all those fusor building enthusiasts among you I highly recommend the book "Building Scientific Apparatus" by John H. Moore and others (ISBN 0-201-13189-7).

I think befor starting to make homemade stuff it's good to go deeply into welding, soldering, glasblowing, hvac pumping (Ti and ion pumping too!), vacuum measuring, making hv feedthroughs, hvac seals, using and cooling photomultipliers, optics (for measuring the plasma focus?!), charged-particle optics and electronics (circuitry), a minimum of the needed formulae and so much more.
This book is great! A special bonus is the cited literature and the many many manufacturers and suppliers. It costs around $ 43 (don't know the original price, because I'm located in Germany) and should be available via barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com or the like.

I hope that will appreciate.

so long,