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Subject: Re: Thermocouple Meters/Data Mining
Date: Dec 21, 9:06 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Dec 21, 9:06 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

That's why I'm going to a Baratron system. I have a 100 torr and 1 torr head, with readouts, and am on the lookout for a 0.1 torr beast (I'm not rich, just lucky....). This should cover all the vacuum I'm interested in for the near future. Both of the above are internally heated, so they should be a whole lot more accurate than my thermocouple gauges. I'm going to get a reference tube from Varian, anyway, to see how well I can cal my 531 meters.

Richard Hester

>I'm not overly impressed with the 531 either. I use it because we inherited a bunch of equipment that uses it. Recently we have made a push to move to Convectron or ConvecTorr gages, primarily to extend either end of the useful pressure range. We have one Piranni gage which is also better than the 531.
>Generally the 531 gives out at about the point where vacuum starts getting interesting. The one on my Fusor drifted about 25 millitorr over a year of use, and it can be deucedly hard to get access to a known hard vacuum source to rezero a gage which is drifting.