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Subject: Fascinating, fascinating...
Date: May 30, 02:06 am
Poster: Guy Dunphy

On May 30, 02:06 am, Guy Dunphy wrote:

I'm reading these letters with great interest,
but is there any way to just download the lot
in one text/html/zip file? I'd like to have a local copy, for easy reference.

Does anyone know of others interested in doing
Fusor experiments, in Sydney Australia?
Last year (before I heard of Farnsworth, or
Fusors) I bought a second hand helium leak
detector (with high vacuum rig included) for
the purpose of trying out this very idea.

But I'm a little light on funds and experience
of high vacuum/high voltage practice. Would
be great if I could find someone else here
who wanted to try it too.

Guy Dunphy