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Subject: Re: Fusion reaction rates
Date: Dec 22, 2:48 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Dec 22, 2:48 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Anywhere inside the inner grid but outside the Rc area the ions are streaming radially, moving as fast as they are gonna get, and collisions are predominantly head-on. The density is low but the volume is usually much greater than the Rc volume, and the crossection is higher. The contributions of head on collisions inside the inner grid but outside Rc is not insignificant.


This is a very important point and I should have remembered this from our past discussions here in my lab.

First and foremost, the ions will never be moving faster that at the instant they cross the threshold of the inner grid. thus, its entire inner volume is a true reaction zone not just the ion focal point

You note on the radial head-ons being more favorable outside of the focus is also a consideration which I did not mention and will, for some, appear novel. Many might think falsely, and jump to the simple conclusion of making the inner grid giant to increase the volume within and thus, get more head-ons. The geometry is not fixed for the simple fusor, and as you note on my tape, "play around with it and see what works best....all the parameters have not been fully investigated yet."

Richard Hull