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Subject: Re: Fusion reaction rates
Date: Dec 22, 11:35 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Dec 22, 11:35 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>Ok, I guess I did not understand the Hirsch-Meeks patent as well as I thought I did. What is the bias on the first grid inside the shell? Is it positively biased? If it is, then I described pretty much the same thing, replacing the shell with a grid. Having the outer shell be a grid instead has the potential benefit for the scrounger of allowing the use of a variety of scrounged chambers. I just priced conflats of the appropriate size for the two halves of a spherical fusor and was unpleasantly surprised.


One should never be surprised at the prices of pro-vacuum gear and fittings. Just think what would be a reasonable figure and then go and order of magnitude higher. Fusor V will be a 10" model and the 2 conflat rings are going to be about $600.00. I will use only conflats. RH

Try www.ptb-sales.com, which is a surplus house specializing in vacuum gear. Their cheapest diffusion pumps are less expensive than their cheapest mechanicals.

Yep. The diffusion pump is now a poor man's toy. Few pros will accept them in a system anymore and few in their right professional mind will spec them for any serious new installation. There is a glut of old pumps on the market just now and the prices are going to drop even more. Still, few amateur scientists except vacuum enthusiasts play with then. RH


>Higher voltage is prolly the easiest to achieve -- just add another stage or three in the voltage multiplier. Overcurrent becomes a real danger for most experimental fusors b/c of the negative dynamic resistance characteristics of glow discharges.


All this is quite true and a calm hand with a sense of the pitch and roll of the glow discharge ship is needed. Captaining such a vessel is a learned art.

Richard Hull