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Subject: Re: Questions answered
Date: Dec 25, 0:34 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Dec 25, 0:34 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>The company that built that chamber tells us a UV lamp is available that breaks down water vapor, and can reduce the need to bake out in the high vacuum range. I would expect a Fusor would have this effect automatically, as it should produce pretty intense vacuum UV.

Yep, I am told constantly by all the Farnsworth team members that glow cleaning of all their fusor chambers from air really reduced the pump down time. Not only the UV and ion pump action, but also the electron bombardment of the walls heats them to a large degree getting the water vapor desorbed and ultimately, as you noted, pumped out.

The long pump out for any system, initially, is always the water which, without bakeout, takes its sweet time desorbing from the chamber walls. Glow cleaning speeds the whole process up immensely.

Richard Hull