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Subject: Re: Fusion detection
Date: Dec 29, 5:20 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Dec 29, 5:20 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

This sounds very interesting, Mr. Ligon - can you tell us a little more? Folks who would like to demonstrate aneutronic fusion are especially interested.

Richard Hester
Tom Ligon said:
>This alternative fusion detection scheme which was mentioned to me is based on the fact that only half of the D-D reactions produce neutrons, but the other half produce protons of similar energy, up in the 3 MeV range. These are usually ignored. But I'm now told there is a scintillator which can detect them that can go right in the chamber. The charged particles will stop quickly in the scintillator, whereas only about 1% of neutrons will flash in BC720. Thus, the detector may be 100x more efficient! I hope to look into this further early next year.
>This may turn out to be in the reach of amateurs, certainly those with your skills.