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Subject: Proton detection
Date: Dec 30, 6:11 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Dec 30, 6:11 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


I am looking forward to more data on the proton detection mechanism. I will also cogitate on alternate methods. Proton counting, at first glance, would seem much easier than neut counting.

What ever detector you put in the chamber might best be actually installed at the wall surface as an apendage outside of the shell so as not to screw with the field. Naturally, it will be exposed via a hole in the chamber wall. I think that a bit of computation on the thickness of aluminum foil which would allow a multimev proton to penetrate into the detector volume would be a good idea. The problem comes in that at the wall (positively charged electrons are slammin' hard enough so that virtually 100% of the impacts produce an X-ray photon which will cruise right through the thin aluminum!! Rats!

A mica windowed geiger counter tube would be no good as the UV from the poissor would keep it ionized. and again, the electrons would enter the volume as well as back scattered X-rays.

Whatever thingy we put in the chamber to count protons has got to be deaf, dumb and blind to highly penetrating x-radiation, and 30-40kev electron blasts.

Anyway, get us the feedback on the item. Thanks

Richard Hull