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Subject: Re: Proton detection
Date: Dec 31, 1:35 am
Poster: Tom Ligon

On Dec 31, 1:35 am, Tom Ligon wrote:

>I am looking forward to more data on the proton detection mechanism. I will also cogitate on alternate methods. Proton counting, at first glance, would seem much easier than neut counting.
I think that a bit of computation on the thickness of aluminum foil which would allow a multimev proton to penetrate into the detector volume would be a good idea.

As posted elsewhere, I found the device in a paper by Miley, et. al. The device is an "Oxford type" and a model number I don't have here at home, or the paper reference. He put a lead foil in front of it which blocks x-rays but still leaves the protons with about 2 MeV. The device turns out to be a semiconductor proton detector.

I don't know the sensitivity of the device, but he was reporting VERY long counting periods, on the order of half an hour. This was done on the FusionStar device, which has pinpoint focus. He was doing collimation to a very sharp level, and found some standing waves the existence of which has long been debated.