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Subject: Re: Fascinating, Fascinating
Date: Jun 03, 08:42 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 03, 08:42 am, Richard Hull wrote:

> I am presently building my first fusor and it has
>been both fun and irratating! But it is near done now and will test with rare air next week and if all goes well Deuterium after that...
> Hope this has a little helpful,
> Bob


It certainly is good to see these new folks come on line with the fusor and plans to start their own!

I am very excited that you are almost ready to test your demo fusor. Please, please, please keep us posted and let us know your personal spin on things. Each person sees things differently and you might have some interesting insights from which we can all learn and benefit.

You will find hours of mesmerizing enjoyment as the delicacy of the poissor and especially the electron beam give instant information about micro changes in pressure. The TC guage lags days behind the E beam in giving critical information aobut what is happening, pressure wise.

You'll not soon forget the pleasures of this project. The end result is not necessarily neutrons, but the body of knowledge, the skills and hard won techniques one must acquire to get there!

Richard Hull