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Subject: Re: 100K Neutrons!!!
Date: Jan 02, 8:10 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 02, 8:10 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>29*15 = 435W.. Looks like you've got some current in reserve...
>Or, are you dissipating a bunch of power in a ballast resistor for current limiting?

No. That is reserve energy.....The capability of the supply...35 kv @100ma. I was throwing 15ma across a 60k ballast resistor to protect the diodes from spikes. About 13-15 watts in resistor heat and almost all the rest in heating the chamber as electrons slam into the case walls.

Still, lotsa neuts..... It was good to hear the neuts come up on the large victoreen BF3 unit! That audio is good biofeedback in the human tweaking control loop.

I didn't have my capacitive manometer on line but the TC gauge showed 10 microns (in error with D2). This was just a first pass with the new system and not all the planned instrumentation was on line. I plan on having big 1" digital LED kilovolt and milliamp indicators. They are made up, and fully tested, but not mounted yet.