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Subject: Re: Third Year of the Fusion BBS
Date: Jan 03, 7:23 am
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Jan 03, 7:23 am, Scott Stephens wrote:

>This is the beginning of the third year of the fusion BBS. It seems the "perfesser" has purged the old messages which was long overdue. (loads a lot faster). I hope that all you fusorites have printed out the more significant messages. I have a thick GBC bound volume of the best of this BBS as part of my fusor references.

I hate to hear that. I tried 'Leeching' the BBS a while back, but my Aria Leech doesn't like CGI scripts and wouldn't let me. Isn't there a way to leech the site? Anyone archiving? Can't somebody zip the site for download? I like searching through archives with a search engine. Maybe we could cooperate on a method to do this?