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Subject: Re: The electron - related minutia
Date: Jan 04, 9:41 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 04, 9:41 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>It seems cross sections are derived experimentally by reaction rates instead of by theoretical predictions. I was wondering how the Lucas/Bergman scheme would predict cross sections.
>Can anyone point us to a Lucas model of deuterium and tritium or radioactive decay from a Bergman perspective? I was unable to find either on the site CSS site.

I was talking of the free electron and orbitals as a physical model. Readio active decay is a nuclear event. I will admit that Bergman and others have tried to extend the model's influence.

I personally believe that neutrons are just a special case liliputian hydrogen atom. I also hold there is neither a strong force nor a weak force. Neither has been proved, only posited as a suspected force. A closer look might show that good old electrostatic forces can hold the nucleus together just fine sharing those nuclear neutrons electrons. It would totally allow for beta decay in a simple way. No naturally occuring atom or isotope of same ever emits a neutron!!! They are the real glue of the atom. Some unstable nuclei steal inner shell electrons to quiet down (Electrons Capture - EC). The universe was ostensibly protium in the begining. Nuets are the product of stellar activities and demand forces beyond our kin to form. So neuts are star made only! Matter above protium can then be forged. There is not one single atom other than hydrogen which can exist in nature without neutrons. Only one protn and one electron are a stable system outside of stars. Other matter is supposedly old star stuff and jealously hold their neutrons to maintain stability. Still, we are told adamantly that the neutron is not a proton and electron!! what does it decay to should it find itself free for 20 minutes or so..........1 electron 1 proton and a supposed, but never seen nor captured, and there fore totally imaginary anti-neutrino. DUH!

Does this make a bit more sense than dreaming up new and truly unmeasurable and unknowable forces? ..... And two of 'em to boot! Or worse still, dreaming up a plethora of quarks, bosons, charmed, colored or top??..... Common Sense, Common Sense, Logic and calm. Ocams razor is in need of stropping.

But hey, don't get me started.

I am sorry I can't point you to a source on those decays. I have heard some tenuous stories about deuterium decay, but for my puposes it is stable.

Richard Hull