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Subject: Newcomer's Comments
Date: Jan 05, 2:47 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Jan 05, 2:47 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

Hi All:

Only recently came upon the Farnsworth Site and find this hitherto unknown (for me) aspect of Philo's work fascinating. Been reading old posts and am quite interested in the regular contributors' work. It seems that some important progress is being made on shoestring budgets.

My own background is from the electric utility side of the energy supply science, prior to the latest dereg confusion. DId have the privilege to once meet Robt. Golka and discuss what he called a Pyrosphere concept for controlled fusion.
At the time no one connected the "ball lightning" approach to Farnsworth's Fusor, since the spherical plasma generation process seemed to rely on the haphazard results of large arcs.

I have since read Farnsworth's patent descriptions and his approach is certainly emminently sensible and plausible.

My own experimental skills are in the high voltage supplies and high vacuum equipment in which you all seem to also be expert.

If anyone would like to share either privately or on the board here some brief background on his own work... I would be grateful.. Am toying with constructing a primitive fusor to get some experience with the process.

I expect to have at my disposal later this year (2000) a 3D modeling program with some space charge simulation capabilities. I hope to try some trajectory plots to see if the virtual electrodes can be demonstrated. But perhaps this is old stuff....

Dave Cooper