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Subject: Farnsworth's results
Date: Jun 05, 09:55 am
Poster: Mpowers Consultants

On Jun 05, 09:55 am, Mpowers Consultants wrote:

Reading the website, I gleaned the following concerning the results Farnworth had:

With deuterium gas in the Mark II Model 2 Fusor a count exceeding
50 M­neutrons cc/sec was recorded at 80 Kv. and 30 mA. input.
This device produced 1.3 G-neutrons/sec. in a sustained
reaction for more than one minute. These reactions were stable, completely under the operator's control, and could be repeated.

On October 5, 1965 the Fusor Mark II­Model 6 was tested.
A reconfigured, high­precision ion gun
arrangement produced
l G­neutrons cc/see at 20 Kv. and 1 mA ....
a record achievement.
On December 28, 1965
tritium was admitted into the test chamber
... producing 2.6 G-neutrons/sec. at 105 Kv. and 45 mA..
With a mixture of tritium and deuterium on the very next day Dr.
Farnsworth's team measured and recorded
6.2 G-neutrons/sec. at 170 Kv..

The Mark III Fusor produced startling
high records in quick succession.
By the start of 196.5 the team was routinely
measuring 15.5 G-neutrons/sec. at 150 Kv and 70 mA..

50.0 Mn @ 80 Kv x 30 mA = 2400va: 20833 n/va
1.0 Gn @ 20 Kv x 1 mA = 20va: 50000000 n/va
2.6 Gn @ 105 Kv x 45 mA = 4725va: 550265 n/va
15.5 Gn @ 150 Kv x 70 mA = 10500va: 1476190 n/va

Did I miss something there, or is there a typo
in the website info ?