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Subject: Re: Newcomer's Comments
Date: Jan 06, 2:04 am
Poster: Dave Cooper

On Jan 06, 2:04 am, Dave Cooper wrote:

>Welcome Dave.......
>Jump in! The more experimenters we have the more likely that ideas can be seeded and passed on.
>My background is as an EE and I have worked with high voltage systems for years. (And fourtunately have survived thus far to tell th' tale.)
>While I have "played" with vacuum for about 15 years, it is only with the fusor that I have appreciated the more delicate aspects. It is another technology I have now placed in my kit of hands-on strenghts.
>Again, welcome and good luck.
>Richard Hull

Thanks Richard looking forward to the exchanges.

I am also EE/Physics background. Been at it for about 30 yrs now... time divided between dielectric research, breakdown phenomen and energy issues. More recently in e beam technology (making miniature e beam tubes, not accelerators).