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Subject: Re: Farnsworth's results
Date: Jun 05, 4:45 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jun 05, 4:45 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>50.0 Mn @ 80 Kv x 30 mA = 2400va: 20833 n/va
> 1.0 Gn @ 20 Kv x 1 mA = 20va: 50000000 n/va
> 2.6 Gn @ 105 Kv x 45 mA = 4725va: 550265 n/va
>15.5 Gn @ 150 Kv x 70 mA = 10500va: 1476190 n/va
>Did I miss something there, or is there a typo
> in the website info ?


The Farnsworth team rarely reported results in neutron flux. (n/cmE3/sec). They normally report only neutrons/sec. I feel any high flux statements must be ammended to total neutrons/second. I have noted this error in a number of places Where the flux (reported) might indicate a higher neutron number than a reported neutron number of a later fusor!! Therefore, I conclude that all numbers are total device output neutron numbers/sec and not flux.

I have interviewed all the team members via phone and in person. The max recorded was on the order of 10E12 neutrons per second. This was indeed with about 10KVA input power and only in short bursts.

There largest ever assembled chamber never exceeded 8" in diameter. The most common size was 6" in diameter. They tried a lot more variants after 1965. It is estimated that about 10-15 totally different stainless steel devices were assembled after the early bell jar tests (59-60).

Their neutron counting arrangment was probably accurate to within an order of magnitude as they used Eberline neutron counters (BF3 tubes in parafin moderators.)

In the final models, the machines were very dangerous. The main farnsworth fusor was lowered into a large underground pit for operation on a hydraulic lift.

I hope to write a small book or long report on the entire 58-68 ITT effort as I get hold of more info. I've only been working it for about 13 months now. It was incredible what was actually accomplished.

I have photographs of a number of the fusors tested at that time and they look like warp drive cores or something that should be in a sci-fi movie.

This was serious but underfunded work done by ITT/Farnsworth with solid technical people in command of the effort.

Beware of the hype and conspiracy theory garbage which litters the field around this subject it is just that. Some information however which has just come to light in the last 6 months and which is confirmed by team members is even more bizarre. The human story is another tale altogether.

Richard Hull