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Subject: Re: Cylindrical IEC
Date: Jan 06, 4:45 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 06, 4:45 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>I can tell you (and it is documented in my master's thesis as well), that the maximum neutron output obtained from one version of the cylindrical IEC device was on the order of
>2.0e+5 n/s, at voltage of about 30 kV, and a
>measured electrode current of about 40 mA. The operating pressure was on the order of 1 milliTorr
>of deuterium. It is possible that one could obtain much higher rates by boosting both the
>operating voltage and the current. One could
>also make changes with electrode geometry,
>sizing, and spacing to help improve the confinement of fusion fuel ions.

WOW! this is really nice! I just ran my fusor up to 10e5 neutrons/second, (see past posting over the weekend, and virtually mimed your master's figures though I only got about half at nearly half the current you note. It is nice to hear figures match the real performance rather closely (to within 10-20% given a bit of interpolation.)

So guys...........these are some hard, realistic figures that you can go to the bank with provided your spherical fusor is made half-way decently.

Richad Hull