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Subject: Re: Toxicity of Heavy Water
Date: Jan 07, 9:58 am
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 07, 9:58 am, Richard Hull wrote:

>Actually, now I've taken a look at some MSDS for D2O.. Most of the effects look like the effects of overdoses of water (increased urination, electrolyte imbalance, etc.), and mention that it is mildly corrosive (which applies to regular water too, of course).
>There is yet another mention that if the concentration in the body gets above 50% that there are acute effects, however no details or mechanism is given.

Thanks Jim,

I think that tells it all...............
D20 is non-toxic! I have drunk about 4 cc of th' stuff in the past. Tasted an awful lot like water to me!!!

50%!! that would be about 3 gallons! To effect "acute changes" would cost a gang o' bucks you could probably do harm to yourself with about $1800.00 worth of D2O, but only if you mainlined it. I would rate the lead in a 5 cent 22 caliber bullet a much cheaper and vastly more toxic item if you are looking for toxicity.

D2O is in effect, non-toxic. Through any menthod of absorption, pound for pound, a child's tempra based water color paints are far more detrimental to helath than D20.

Richard Hull