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Subject: Re: New tantalum grid - fusor III
Date: Jan 07, 1:22 pm
Poster: Jim Lux

On Jan 07, 1:22 pm, Jim Lux wrote:

>The old grid came apart at just over 400 watts. The new grid just starts glowing at this power level. So, I am looking forward to fusing perhaps this weekend with it at yet higher levels.
>Richard Hull

And we'll await the news stories...

"Experimenter Neutron Activates Richmond!"

Late last night, Hull, a fusion experimenter, had an unexpected "runaway" in his home built fusion apparatus. Intense neutron radiation overwhelmed his safety precautions, and now, over 5000 homes are radioactive.

Vast number of radiation induced mutations are anticipated in the coming months. The National Enquirer has opened a field office to handle the increase in stories resulting from the often strange effects of the mutations.

Dr. von Helsing of the NRC said that this sort of event is why only trained and licensed nuclear professionals should have access to the information which allowed Hull to construct his apparatus. He called for a federal crackdown on the availability of the information on the internet.

There were also congressional calls for action. Congressman Smith (R-YX) commented, "We must stop spending money on fruitless efforts to stop drugs and child pornography, and use those resources to suppress the distribution of fundamental physics information. The recent events show just how dangerous this information can be in the wrong hands. The scientists must be controlled."