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Subject: Re: New tantalum grid - fusor III
Date: Jan 07, 4:38 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 07, 4:38 pm, Richard Hull wrote:

>And we'll await the news stories...
>"Experimenter Neutron Activates Richmond!"
>Late last night, Hull, a fusion experimenter, had an unexpected "runaway" in his home built fusion apparatus. Intense neutron radiation overwhelmed his safety precautions, and now, over 5000 homes are radioactive.


Great stuff Jim! I don't think I could have written a better worse case or least likely scenario.

I found it interesting that the news flash made no mention of the fusor being on a 30 amp 240 volt circuit (~7000 watt max) and that the attendant radiation damge could only be caused by what was obviously a multimegawatt successful runaway fusion reaction.

This was obviously suppressed by the military industrial complex who figured they might deflect attention from this coup by hyping the injuries, deaths, anticpatedd mutations and rad waste disposal situation. The success of this PR effort and hand waving would give them time to figure out the epitome of the process, shoot it over to Princeton or LANL and let them show how they have finally succeeded in their quest for fusion, thus, showing good faith to the public, attainment of their stated goals and giving value for all the public treasure spent since the early 50's.

Hyperbole is great stuff ain't it.

Richard Hull