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Subject: Re: Non-Sense science
Date: Jan 10, 8:43 pm
Poster: Scott Stephens

On Jan 10, 8:43 pm, Scott Stephens wrote:

>I especially question the little neutrino and its spawn of quarks, charmed, colored, top, bottom, left and right. These are so handsomely formed from supposition upon supposition each inturn being taken as gospel after an appropiate germination period onto which further supposition is heaped. More corks for the ever leaking dike.

I speculate that if photons are solitons, electrons are photons bent into a torroid, compressing the 'springiness' of an aether (E-field) and trapping the momentum of the aethers oscillation as the B-field.

Protons being more massive and smaller, are a torroid with twists in it. These 3 twists or modes are quarks, they are never observed independantly. Since the modes are oscillating, they can match phase and look like the 3 color charges, but not create a static gradient or E-field.