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Subject: Thermocouple Gauges
Date: Jan 11, 6:29 pm
Poster: Richard Hester

On Jan 11, 6:29 pm, Richard Hester wrote:

For those of you looking to use a thermocouple gauge to measure pressures of fusor interest, the DV-6M and 1518 gauge tubes (as has been mentioned in previous posts) are the most useful, as both have extended resolution at the low end of their operating range (0-50 microns). For folks looking to get one, Duniway (duniway.com, I think) has a analog DV-6M gauge package that is inexpensive enough to be of interest, as well as decent prices on other odds and ends. I have recently run into another provider that has a 1518-based meter package. They are LDS Vacuum at ldsvacuum.com. They are also having a sale on KF and LF-type flanges and components.