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Subject: Re: A word of warning
Date: Jun 30, 09:08 am
Poster: Joe

On Jun 30, 09:08 am, Joe wrote:

>My article in the "Bell Jar" and the most recent issue of the "Electric Spacecraft Journal", describing the fusor and details for amateur construction, has drawn a well worded, kind, but cautionary letter from Professor George Miley at the University of Illinois, Urbana campus, Fusion Laboratory.
>It seems that he, the Univesity and Daimeler Benz have entered into a business arrangement based on some recent patents involving the Farnsworth Hirsch fusor. I suppose he modified it a bit and is patenting the modifications. They hope to market the fusor as a relatively compact and inexpensive neutron source.
> Note* All of the Farnsworth/Hirsch/ITT fusor patents have lapsed and are public.
>He stated that my promoting the fusor as an >experimental device might violate some of their >current patents.

You should try the "hackers" method of bypassing
patent and copyright issues. Make your work
public domain! No you won't get any royalties
but then again you won't be prosecuted either.

Where do you "profit"? You get the reputation
and the "consultations"... in the S/W industry
its called the help desk/ user support, which
is a bigger profit centre than the actual

Don't forget, for eg a hydrogen/boron fusor
in working order could be built by millions
of people, an entire new industry with plenty
of ongoing business potential. And it's you
guys who know the business... right?