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Subject: radiation
Date: Jan 13, 4:40 pm
Poster: Richard Hull

On Jan 13, 4:40 pm, Richard Hull wrote:


Now that I am hitting 30kv at times I can detect the weak x-ray radiation pouring out if the view port area more and more as it penetates the video camera's aluminum housing. There is still no detectable x-radiation through the SS sphere and according to calcs shouldn't be there until 50-60kv. Still, I would like to thwart the new radiation leak at this high voltage, and will craft a special light 2mm thick lead shield.

The neutron radiation is rising, but is still in the pip-squeak region. However, it is not time to use that 30lbs of borax and 60lbs of parafin I have stored away to make a nice neutron shield/moderator.

Safety is now more of a pressing issue than it was at 20kv. As I have noted before, The cross over mark is probably 30kv and or 10e5 neuts/sec whihc ever is hit first. Those living in glass houses, (bell jar or process pipe fusors), might be more worried about the waste heat damaging their glass than the radiation, but I would protect these at about 20kv. The earliest x-rays (very soft) were empirically measured through 1/4" glass at ~12kv becoming a real bad blast by 17kv.

Richard Hull