Yet Another Fusion “Breakthrough”

What's the old saw, "Nuclear fusion is 20-30 years in the future — and always will be" ? Here's another example, from the University of Florida, as reported in the New Zealand Herald (huh?).

The University of Florida have taken a different tack, by putting hydrogen and boron fuel into an accelerator that fires them towards each other at incredibly high velocities. When the hydrogen and boron 11 atoms smash into each other, they fuse, producing fast moving helium nuclei whose motion is converted into electricity.


  • Richard Hull

    More Puff and Fluff. Will it never end, these brand new fusion discoveries? What a novel idea. Who’d a thunk it. P + B11….
    Why didn’t I think of that.
    Richard Hull

  • Dan Knapp

    It is interesting that they would be running a story now based upon a 1997 paper. (N. Rostoker, M.W.Binderbauer, H.J. Monkhorst, Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor, Science 178:1419-22, 21 November, 1997). Does the mail take that long to reach New Zealand?

  • Matt J

    1997 paper? H-B fusion is much older news than that: boron was used in H-bombs, after all.