FAQ - Must reading for all who would do fusion

If you wonder how/why fusion works, or how/why the Fusor works, look here first.
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Richard Hull
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FAQ - Must reading for all who would do fusion

Post by Richard Hull » Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:48 am

Thanks to Dan Knapp, long time member here, for posting this key paper. It deserves a FAQ as it answers many questions about many aspects of fusion


If you are interested in everything fusion..... (History of fusion, why we don't have it after 70 years of work, the real physics of fusion, what it takes to have fusion electricity in our home, the economics of usable fusion, etc.), this is a must print, must read, reference work.

While a bit biased towards increasing funding for MIF fusion research, a good reader will read with an open mind.

All-in-all a fabulous piece of writing, well researched and well thought out.

Edit: Throw this one on the pile... it is huge and tedious, but good. Thanks to Joe Gayo for ferreting it out.

https://pure.tue.nl/ws/portalfiles/port ... 9014-1.pdf

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Dan Knapp
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Re: FAQ - Must reading for all who would do fusion

Post by Dan Knapp » Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:39 pm

I became aware of this report from a posting on "the Fire Place" http://www.firefusionpower.org/. For those readers not familiar with this web site, it is an ongoing bulletin board of activity in the fusion field. Another source I use for fusions news is the news section of the polywell blog, http://www.talk-polywell.org I would recommend bookmarking both of these.

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